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encompass® Support and consulting

Support for the industry’s most-recognized Loan Origination Software

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Why Verity?

The mortgage industry is changing


Verity is a labor and automation solution provider. Our clients outsource workflows to Verity’s offshore team or utilize Verity’s robotic process automation technology to achieve the lowest cost of production.
We offer a full suite of solutions to meet your needs, including loan origination, loan servicing, title work and real-time, AI-powered pre- and post-close quality control services.
With Verity on your side, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most – growing your business and taking care of your customers.
You deserve an easier way to do business. Let Verity Global Solutions take care of all those tedious tasks for you so you can get back to business.
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Encompass® Support and Consulting

Verity's a Premier Partner

As an Encompass® Premier Partner, Verity provides Encompass® admin resources that assist with programming functions, implementation and technical support at a fraction of your current cost. 
We have standard or custom work shifts through our 24/7 operations centers.

Create and manage custom forms and fields with custom calculations.

Creating and managing users, personas, user groups, company setup, password manager, organizations/users and milestones.

Creating and managing business rules depending on requirements.

Managing eFolder setup, including documents, stacking templates, groups, conditions, condition sets, email templates, etc.

Managing Docs setup, including disclosure and closing docs templates and their plan codes.

Managing and creating loan templates such as closing cost, data templates, docs set, loan programs, loan temple set, etc.

Managing the loan setup, including alerts, tasks, custom print forms, conditions forms, print form groups, loan duplication, loan numbering, setting up loan folders, etc.

Performing the super admin role, like managing user access, system analysis, fee tables and contact setups, dashboards and custom reports, reporting database and audit trail fields, and troubleshooting errors.


Create and manage custom forms and fields with custom calculations.

Creating and managing users, personas, user groups, company setup, password manager, organizations/users and milestones.

Creating and managing conditions, condition sets, post-closing conditions and condition set.

Creating and managing custom print forms and print form groups.

creating and managing simple business rules.

Creating and managing loan folders.

Basic troubleshooting for Encompass™ (eFolder issue, access-related issue and milestone issue).

Creating and managing eFolder setup (documents, export template, stacking templates, document groups).

Managing reporting database.

Creating and managing alerts, logs and tasks.

Managing and creating custom reports and dashboards.

Creating and managing contact setup.


Troubleshooting disclosure-related issues.

Managing docs setup (eDisclosure and closing docs package, stacking template).

Troubleshooting issues (service disruptions, error-related to DU, Mavent, Credit, etc.)

Managing Encompass™ plugins.

Troubleshooting issues related to Encompass™ plugins.

Creating and managing advanced business rules with custom advanced conditions.

Creating and managing loan templates (loan program, closing costs, input form, settlement service providers, document sets, task sets, data templates and loan template sets).

How it works

Group 62

Workforce Optimization

Focus your Admins on higher value work like strategic projects and automation, not tasks that do not correspond with their high salaries – reducing cost and achieving desired ROI

Group 63

Unmatched Productivity

Utilize Verity's team of Encompass® Admins immediately and 24/7, benefiting from Verity’s service level agreements (SLA) keeping your ticketing system up-to-date.

Group 64

Save Money on Admin Functions

Encompass® troubleshooting
Creating custom forms
Custom coding and input form development
Reconfiguration and workflow redevelopment
Reporting and configuration
Pipeline creations
Custom plugins and utilities
And more!

The Solutions You Need.

When you work with Verity, you stay in control. 
You decide which parts of your loan cycle to outsource, and we adapt to meet your needs. 
We work behind the scenes as an extension of your team to ensure you're successful. 

Origination      |      Servicing     |      Title          QC      |      Accounting          Encompass®          RPA

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say.

“With KPO underwriting support, my employees may submit a file Wednesday night and come back first thing on Thursday morning and have a complete file and task list to close out the loan. This enables work to happen 24/7 behind the scenes while employees are still able to
go home on the weekends and return more refreshed and ready to tackle the day. In addition to cost savings, the enhanced operational efficiency created cleaner files from the beginning. It streamlined our operations, which resulted in a quicker turnaround time to fund the loans.”

- E. H. "Sonny" Bringol, Jr., Chairman & President of Victorian
Finance, LLC

"If you look at each individual task that goes into producing a loan, if those tasks are assigned correctly to either the outsourced team or my internal team, we achieve maximum cost competitiveness and the shortest time to close. I want my team performing higher value and strategic work, focusing on the borrower experience. Outsourcing supports us with an assembly line production of time consuming, repetitive work.”

- Ben Cheek, CEO Genhomes Lending

After six months of working with outsourcing, Plains Commerce was able to clear up 95% of all severe findings. After an additional year working with our outsourcing partner, we haven’t had a severe finding in eight months. Plains Commerce has been able to focus on fixing moderate and informational findings, making us more proactive and compliant. 

-Katie Gibbons, Chief
Compliance Officer of Plains
Commerce Bank

"With outsourcing, more menial tasks and busywork are outsourced, meaning the in-house staff is utilized for higher value work focused on the borrower experience and credit decisions. One of the benefits of outsourcing has been that our employees are happier and more fulfilled because they get to do the job they were hired to do, without the more mundane tasks. When their work is done, employees can leave the office on time, spending more time at home with family, and enjoying a better work-life balance even during volume spikes. Happier employees who can take time away from work to rest will come back more refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Due to the 24/7 flow of work from the outsourcing team, employees can take a vacation, use sick leave, and thoroughly enjoy their weekends before returning to work, with a checklist ready of what is left to complete.  Rather than employees worrying about outsourcing taking their jobs, they feel a better sense of security, knowing they are needed and will be fully utilized despite the season."

-Kevin Heckemeyer, CEO of ResMac, Inc.

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